We Are Omu

Omu is not just a product company, we are a movement. Omu works to breakdown societal shame around self-care for men, create products that increase mindfulness and help our customers cultivate presence in their lives. We believe that self-care leads to self-work and self-work leads to deeper connections and a more meaningful life. 

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Our Commitment

At the forefront of our mission of care is our commitment to sustainability in the ecological, social and economic environments that we influence. From our business practices to our products to our packaging, we strive to build a better shared future in people’s lives by doing business the right way. 

In addition to our commitment to sustainability; 10% of all proceeds go to mental health advocacy and suicide prevention programs.

Our Focus

At Omu our sole focus is care - taking care of self but also care for each other and our world. As part of our focus on care, we continually learn, love freely, build community and lead with empathy. And while we take self-care seriously, we don’t take ourselves too seriously because self-care requires a lot of fun too :)

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